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  • 专辑名称:铁环境化学

    2017年 第75卷 第6期



    On the cover: A nanostructure-based mechanism of encapsulation is presented on the enrichment, separation and immobilization of selenium and arsenic with zero-valent iron nanoparticles. Experimental results demonstrates the rapid separation, large capacity, stability and unique properties of iron nanoparticles for treatment and remediation of toxic heavy metals such as selenium, chromium, arsenic, uranium etc. [Ling, Lan et al. on page 594-601.]

    On the back cover: Fe(II)-catalyzed phase transformation of iron (hydr)oxides is the important chemical reaction of iron cycle in anaerobic environments, such as paddy soils. Through electron transfer and Fe atom exchange reaction mechanisms, ferrihydrite was transformed to lepidocrocite, goethite, and magnetite when catalyzed by Fe(II). With coexisted Pb(II), the phase transformation of ferrihydrite was inhibited and the transformed products were changed due to the competitive adsorption of Pb(II) with Fe(II) on the ferrihydrite surface, while Pb(II) was stabilized in the structures of transformed iron (hydr)oxides. [Li, Fangbai et al. on pages 621-628.]

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