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β-lactoglobulin 与磷脂复合膜形成过程中相互 作用的动态研究


  1. 中国科学院化学研究分子科学中心;北京大学化学系.北京(100871)
  • 出版日期:2001-05-15 发布日期:2001-05-15

Dynamic study of the interaction between β-lactoglobulin and phospholipids during complex film formation

Zhang Yi;Yan Linglong;Bi Zhichu;Li Junbai;Dong Dong;Liu Zhongfan   

  1. Beijing Univ., Dept. of Chem.Beijing(100871)
  • Online:2001-05-15 Published:2001-05-15

Dynamic interfacial tension of phospholipid /protem adsorption was studied by ADSA( axisymmetric drop shape analysis, DASA) to gain the information about the protein /phosphoilpid multilayer. AFM was used to study the morpholoigy of the ciomplex film. DPPE ( dipalmitoyl phosphatidylethanolamine ), DPPC( dipalnitoyl phosphatidylcholin), DPPA (dipalnitoyl phosphatidic acid) exhibitied quite different adsorption behavior in the step due to the net charge of their head group, but the interaction between phospholipid and protein seemed beyond the statistic force during the construction of protein /lipid multilayers when the different adsorption curves tended to coincide at the end. The adsorption process was dominated by different kind interaction at the different steps respectively.


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