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王毅, 谈勇, 丁少华, 李鹂, 钱卫平*   

  1. (东南大学生物科学与医学工程系 生物电子学国家重点实验室 南京 210096)
  • 收稿日期:2006-03-08 修回日期:2006-06-01 出版日期:2006-11-28 发布日期:2006-11-28
  • 通讯作者: 钱卫平

Fabrication and Characterization of Multishell Structures Based on Au and SiO2

WANG Yi; TAN Yong; DING Shao-Hua; LI Li; QIAN Wei-Ping*   

  1. (State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics, Department of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096)
  • Received:2006-03-08 Revised:2006-06-01 Online:2006-11-28 Published:2006-11-28
  • Contact: QIAN Wei-Ping

Gold nanoshells (Au@SiO2) and silica-covered gold nanoshells (SiO2@Au@SiO2) were fabricated by self-assembly and colloid reduction chem-istry. Hollow silica shells with movable silica spheres (H-SiO2@M-SiO2) were also prepared by the dissolution of gold shells within SiO2@Au@SiO2 particles. The results show that silica-covered gold nanoshells preserve the near-infrared absorbance of gold nanoshells. The plasmon resonance peaks of the resulting SiO2@Au@SiO2 could be controlled by changing the thickness of the outer silica shells. Furthermore, the gold shells within SiO2@Au@SiO2 particles could be removed by using aqua regia, and the related plasmon resonance peaks disappeared.

Key words: core-shell structure, gold nanoshell, silica-covered gold nanoshell, plasmon resonance, refractive index