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胡学雷*,a,b 陈 中a 邱 立a 刘 波b
赵元弟b 潘志权a 罗勤慧c   

  1. (a武汉工程大学绿色化工过程省部共建教育部重点实验室 湖北省新型反应器与绿色化学工艺重点实验室
    武汉 430073)
    (b华中科技大学教育部生物医学光子学重点实验室 武汉 430074)
    (c南京大学配位化学国家重点实验室 南京 210008)
  • 收稿日期:2007-10-08 修回日期:2008-01-14 出版日期:2008-06-28 发布日期:2008-06-28
  • 通讯作者: 胡学雷

Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Luminescent Property of a Europium Nitrate Ternary Complex with a Diphenol Macrocyclic Ligand

HU, Xue-Lei *,a,b CHEN, Zhong a QIU, Lia LIU, Bo b
ZHAO, Yuan-Di b PAN, Zhi-Quan a LUO, Qin-Hui c   

  1. (a Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Process of Ministry of Education-Hubei Key Laboratory of Novel Chemical Reactor and Green Chemical Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan 430073)
    (b Key Laboratory of Biomedical Photonics of Ministry of Education, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074)
    (c State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210008)
  • Received:2007-10-08 Revised:2008-01-14 Online:2008-06-28 Published:2008-06-28
  • Contact: HU, Xue-Lei

A new ternary complex of europium nitrate [Eu(H2L)(NO3)3] (L denotes the macrocyclic ligand) with a diphenol macrocyclic ligand has been synthesized by [2+2] condensation of 1,3-propyldiamine with 2,6-diformyl-4-methylphenol in the presence of europium nitrate, and systematically characterized by physical methods. The study of X-ray analysis shows that the complex is neutral molecule and composed of a enropium ion, a nertral macrocyclic ligand and three coordinated nitrates. The crystal crystallizes in the monoclinic system, space group P21/c with a=1.57296(11) nm, b=0.96957 (7) nm, c=1.91196(13) nm, β=104.445(1)°, V=2.8237(3) nm3, Z=4, R=0.0507, and wR=0.1168. The central ion Eu3+ is ten-coordinated in the coordination geometry of a distorted bicapped square-antiprism. At 77 K, excitation of the title complex in methanol solution give rise to the characteristic emissions of the Eu3+ ion.

Key words: diphenol macrocyclic ligand, europium nitrate ternary complex, synthesis, crystal structure, luminescent property