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  1. (沈阳药科大学药学院 沈阳 110016)
  • 投稿日期:2009-10-21 修回日期:2010-04-17 发布日期:2010-05-17
  • 通讯作者: 孙国祥
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Identifying MXSQP Quality by the Firstly Systematically Quantified Fingerprint Method Based on Dual Wavelength HPLC Fingerprints

SUN Guo-Xiang, WANG Ling-Jiao   

  1. (College of Pharmacy, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang 110016)
  • Received:2009-10-21 Revised:2010-04-17 Published:2010-05-17
  • Contact: Guoxiang SUN

To develop the dual wavelength HPLC fingerprints of Muxiangshunqi pills (MXSQP) and identify their quality by firstly systematically quantified fingerprint method (FSQFM). The chromatographic fingerprints (CFPs) were determined by reversed-phase HPLC,in which the CFPs containing 60 and 56 co-possessing peaks in the wavelength of 265 and 326 nm respectively when the Hesperidin (HI) peak was marked as the referential peak. Sixteen batches of MXSQPs were identified with the hierarchical clustering analyses by using macro qualitative similarity Sm and macro quantitative similarity Pm as the variables. According to the results of classification,the referential fingerprint (RFP) was synthesized from 11 and 12 batches of MXSQPs in 265 and 326 nm respectively. Taking the RFP for the qualified model, the whole 16 batches of them were evaluated by FSQFM, respectively. According Sm and Pm and α of the two RFPs to calculate the weights as the weighted method, the average method to calculate the mean of Sm and Pf for two groups, the project parameter method to calculate the overall Sm and Pf, respectively, we unified the different chemical information from the dual wavelength fingerprints and identified the authentically quality of 16 batches of MXSQPs, among which 12 batches were completely qualified except the other 4 batches were obviously unqualified. (The FSQFM based on the dual wavelength fingerprints excellently performed the overall qualitatively and overall quantitatively determining the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)), which can briefly and effectively identify the authentical quality of TCM.

Key words: Muxiangshunqi pills, dual wavelength HPLC fingerprints, macro qualitative similarity Sm, firstly macro quantitative similarity Pf, firstly systematically quantified fingerprint method

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