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  1. (1北京林业大学环境科学与工程学院 北京 100086)
    (2中国科学院化学研究所新材料实验室 北京 100190)
    (3天津工业大学中空纤维膜材料与膜过程省部共建国家重点实验室培育基地 天津 300160)
  • 收稿日期:2010-06-17 修回日期:2010-09-19 出版日期:2011-02-14 发布日期:2010-10-14
  • 通讯作者: 王丽华
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Synthesis of Amphiphilic Crown Ether Compound and Application in Ion Channel Membrane

Tang Chengcheng1,2 Wang Lihua*,2,3 Yun Yanbin*,1 Zhang Chenlin1 Liu Biqian2   

  1. (1 College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083)
    (2 Laboratory of New Materials, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190)
    (3 State Key Laboratory of Hollow Fiber Membrane Materials and Processes, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin 300160)
  • Received:2010-06-17 Revised:2010-09-19 Online:2011-02-14 Published:2010-10-14

In this research, a kind of amphiphilic compound: 2-hydroxymethyl-[1,4,7,10,13-pentaoxa benzo cyclo pentadecane]-3,4,5-tris[4-(10-dodecyl-1-oxo)benzyloxy]benzoate was synthesized by methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, 4-carbonate benzo-15-crown-5 and other reagents. The chemical composition and structure were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, MS, DSC and POM. Then, the ion channel membrane was obtained from grafting this new kind of crown ether compound to the surface of polycarbonate track-etched membrane by the method of ultraviolet (UV) light grafting. The grafting volume is: 606 μg/cm2. The ion channel membrane was characterized by the method of ATR, SEM and AFM. The results confirmed that the compound had successfully grafted onto the surface of the polycarbonate track-etched membrane, and formed a dense layer by the self-assembly columnar structures. At last, the ion channel function of the membrane was determined by self-designed membrane transport instrument. The ion transport rate: PFM=20.62×10-6cm/s. The separation factor of ion channel membrane and controlled membrane: αFM/NFM=5.96. These data confirmed that the ion channel membrane can selectively recognize and transport Na. It is a new type of Na recognized ion channel membrane.

Key words: amphiphilic molecule, self-assembly, ion channel membrane, crown ether, Na recognized

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