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  1. (浙江大学化学系 杭州 310027)
  • 投稿日期:2010-08-24 修回日期:2011-05-28 发布日期:2011-06-18
  • 通讯作者: 赵华绒
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An Efficient Two-Step Synthesis of N-Substituted Thioureas in Functional Ionic Liquild

ZHAO Hua-Rong, WANG Hai-Yan, LU Feng-Ping   

  1. (Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027)
  • Received:2010-08-24 Revised:2011-05-28 Published:2011-06-18
  • Contact: ZHAO Hua-Rong

N-Substituted thioureas were synthesized efficiently by two-step reaction: (1) acyl chlorides and primary amides reacted together in functional [emim]SCN rapidly at room temperature to form N-benzoyl-N′-alkylthioureas in high yields. [emim]SCN acted both as an initial material and reaction solvent. (2) N-benzoyl-N′-alkylthioureas were hydrolyzed in NaOH/H2O/EtOH to yield N-substituted thioureas with almost 100% yield. A new efficient and green synthesis of N-substituted thioureas showing good practicality was provided.

Key words: acyl chloride, amine, functional ionic liquid, N-substituted thiourea