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水溶性手性Salen Mn(Ⅲ)的光谱性质及其对氨基酸客体的分子识别研究

朱必学, 阮文娟, 高峰, 胡国航, 朱志昂   

  1. 南开大学化学系, 天津, 300071
  • 收稿日期:2003-05-12 修回日期:2003-09-11 出版日期:2004-01-14 发布日期:2014-01-26
  • 通讯作者: 朱志昂
  • 基金资助:

Study on Spectral Characterization of Water Soluble Chiral Salen Mn(Ⅲ) Complexes and the Recognition of Amino Acids

ZHU Bi-Xue, RUAN Wen-Juan, Gao Feng, HU Guo-Hang, ZHU Zhi-Ang   

  1. Department of Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071
  • Received:2003-05-12 Revised:2003-09-11 Online:2004-01-14 Published:2014-01-26

The chiral salen H 2 and chiral salen Mn(Ⅲ) complex were synthesized and characterized. The infrared spectra, electronic absorption spectra and circular dichroism spectra properties were discussed. The results show that the conformation of five-coordinate salen Mn(Ⅲ) complex is Δ in water solution. The associative constants (K) of the molecular recognition reactions were determined by means of UV-vis spectral titration technique. And the order of K are KD>KL and K(Phe)>K(Val)>K(Thr). Circular dichroism (CD) spectra were studied and the results are consistent with that from the thermodynamics of association reaction of the host-guest system.In addition,the conformations with minimal energy of salen Mn(Ⅲ) and each host-guest molecular system were sought by simulated annealing method. Quantum chemical calculations were performed based on these conformations to explain the experimental data.

Key words: salen Mn(III), amino acid ligand, spectrum, molecular recognition, molecular mechanics