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2011, 69(01)
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Electrochemical Properties of Covalent Bonded Polyoxometalate/SBA-15 Mesoporous Hybrid Materials
    LUO Xiu-Juan, YANG Chun, CHEN Yu
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 1-7
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-07 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1516 )|Supporting Info
PDF [780KB] ( 927 )
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Reaction Mechanisms and Topological Studies of Electron Density on the Reaction of HNCX (X=O, S) and F
    SUN Cui-Hong, ZENG Yan-Li, XU Bao-en, WANG Jun-Min, LI Xiao-Yan, MENG Ling-Peng
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 8-18
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-18 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1149 )|Supporting Info
PDF [2203KB] ( 792 )
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Study on the Excitation Properties of Electroluminescence of Titanium Dioxide Molecule
    XU Guo-Liang, XIE Hui-Xiang, XIA Yao-Zheng, LIU Xue-Feng, LIU Yu-Fang, ZHANG Xian-Zhou
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 19-24
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-08-11 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1188 )|Supporting Info
PDF [388KB] ( 908 )
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Theoretical Study on Structures and Properties of Gly-(H2O)5
    MENG Xiang-Jun, GUO Xiao-Song, JIA Jun-Fang, HE Qin, WANG Yi-Bo
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 25-36
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-09 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1184 )|Supporting Info
PDF [3703KB] ( 736 )
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Calorimetric Study on the Enthalpy Relaxation in Sorbitol Based on the Configurational Entropy Model
    GAO Cai, CHEN Kai-Song, YE Bin, YANG Suo, LIU Xiang-Nong, JIANG Bin
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 37-45
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-12 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1169 )|Supporting Info
PDF [875KB] ( 826 )
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Amorphous Structure of Diboron Trioxide and Sodium Pentaborate Hydrate
    ZHOU Yong-Quan, FANG Yan, CAO Ling-Di, ZHU Fa-Yan, FANG Chun-Hui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 46-52
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-08-30 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1299 )|Supporting Info
PDF [487KB] ( 1247 )
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Preparation and Performance of Wave Absorbing Materials by Metallization of Nocadia
    HAN Yu, LI Song-Mei, LIU Jian-Hua, YU Mei
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 53-58
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-08-30 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1028 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1661KB] ( 798 )
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The Assembly of B15C5 with Polymolybdates
    SHI Xu-Dong, YU Chong, BI Yan-Gang, CHEN Yu-You, CHI Zi-Xiang, LU Xiao-Ming
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 59-64
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-08 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1210 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1211KB] ( 751 )
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Study on Effect of Microstructure of Porous Gas Diffusive Electrodes with Different Catalysts for Electrochemical Sensor on Performance of Response for Determination of Formaldehyde
    YANG Jia-Wei, FANG Zheng, PAN Yi, LIU Ren-Hong, WANG Jia-Li, DAN De-Zhong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 65-70
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-11-16 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1434 )|Supporting Info
PDF [2433KB] ( 1142 )
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Synthesis of N-(2,4-Dinitrophenyl)-N -(substituted-phenyl)hydrazones and Their Anion Sensing
    NIE Li, HU Lei, FU Xu-Cheng, JIANG Yun-Bao
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 71-76
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-08-16 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1191 )|Supporting Info
PDF [785KB] ( 821 )
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Rapid Analysis of Liuwei Dihuang Pills Using Surface Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry
    YUE Hao, XIAO Zhi-Guo, WANG EnPeng, CHEN Huan-Wen, ZHANG Xing-Lei, JIA Bin, LIU Shu-Ying
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 77-83
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-18 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1241 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1065KB] ( 968 )
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Study of the Influence of Ion-exchange on Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Capacity in usf-ZMOF
    ZHANG Xiu-Fang, AN Xiao-Hui, LIU Da-Huan, YANG Qing-Yuan, YANG Zhu-Hong, ZHONG Chong-Li, LU Xiao-Hua
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 84-88
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-11-24 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1372 )|Supporting Info
PDF [893KB] ( 1265 )
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Phase Behavior of A/B/A-b-B/(A-b-B)4 Tetra-Component Blends by Using Self-Consistent Field Theory
    WANG Yue-Qiang, TANG Ping, YANG Yu-Liang
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 89-94
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1172 )|Supporting Info
PDF [954KB] ( 527 )
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Mechanism of Molecular Interaction between Ethionamide and Papain: Spectroscopic and Molecular Simulation Investigations
    WANG Gong-Ke, XI Hui, TIAN Fang, HAN Meng-Ying, LU Yan
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 95-100
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-09 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1292 )|Supporting Info
PDF [661KB] ( 1246 )
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Discrimination and Identification of Four Foodborne Bacteria Using Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy
    LU Chun-Xia, LIU Yuan, SUN Xiao-Hong, PAN Ying-Jie, ZHAO Yong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 101-105
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-08-16 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1094 )|Supporting Info
PDF [549KB] ( 1387 )
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Effect of Biological Activity of Nano Eu2O3 on HEK-293T Cells
    ZHOU Xue-Ping, HOU Hui-Zhi, LI Ying-Qi, YANG Bin-Sheng, YANG Pin
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (01), pp 106-110
     Publication Date(Web): 2009-09-19 (Note)
Abstract ( 995 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1658KB] ( 1085 )
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