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  1. (a中国科学院广州化学研究所 广州 510650)
    (b中国科学院研究生院 北京 100036)
    (c华南理工大学化学科学学院 广州 510640)
  • 收稿日期:2005-12-08 修回日期:2006-03-25 发布日期:2006-11-21
  • 通讯作者: 江焕峰

A Stereocontrolled Route to Conjugated E-Enediynes

ZHOU Leia,b,c, JIANG Huan-Feng*,c   

  1. (a Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510650)
    (b Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100036)
    (c College of Chemistry, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640)
  • Received:2005-12-08 Revised:2006-03-25 Published:2006-11-21
  • Contact: JIANG Huan-Feng

3-Ene-1,5-diyne was a key building block found in many enediyne antitumor agents and designed materials. A stereocontrolled route to synthesize E-enediynes was developed, which included the following two steps: (1) a mild and economical method to synthesize dihalo vinyl derivatives via the addition of CuBr2 to alkyne, and (2) the Sonogashira coupling reaction of dihalo vinyl and terminal alkynes to conjugated enediynes.

Key words: Sonogashira reaction, dihalo vinyl alkene, CuBr2, enediyne