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任新娟a ; 王 雷a ; 高 磊a ; 谢志元b; 李东风*,a   

  1. (a长春工业大学化学与生命科学学院 长春 130012)
    (b长春应用化学研究所高分子物理与化学国家重点实验室 长春 130022)
  • 收稿日期:2008-07-14 修回日期:2008-12-19 出版日期:2009-07-22 发布日期:2009-07-22
  • 通讯作者: 李东风

Synthesis of Aromatic Oxide-Oxadiazoles Containing Pyridine Ring and Study on Their Spectral Properties

Ren, Xinjuana; Wang, Leia; Gao, Leia; Xie, Zhiyuanb; Li, Dongfeng*,a   

  1. (a School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, Changchun University of Technology, Changchun 30012)
    (b State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry,
    Changchun 130022)
  • Received:2008-07-14 Revised:2008-12-19 Online:2009-07-22 Published:2009-07-22
  • Contact: Li, Dongfeng

In order to explore new highly organic electroluminescent materials, six symmetrical aromatic oxide-oxadiazoles containing pyridine ring 4a~4f were synthesized through cyclization of substituted ben-zoic acid (2) with 2,6-dihydrazide pyridine (3) by “one-pot” method in POCl3. Their structures were con-firmed by MS, IR, 1H NMR techniques and elemental analysis. The fluorescence spectra of the target com-pounds showed that the λem ranged from 347 to 507 nm, and the maximum λem were close to 384 nm, which showed that these compounds have good fluorescence with strong fluorescence intensity. When the 5-Br group was introduced into the aromatic ring (4e and 4f), the fluorescent emission wavelength took place Einstein shift, and the fluorescent intensity decreased a little. Using quinine bisulphate as a reference, the fluorescence quantum yields were all tested, and the introduction of 5-Br group had no visible effect on fluorescence quantum yield. The fluorescence quantum yields of representative 4a in different solvents at maximum excitation wavelength were also measured and the results showed that the polarity of the solvents hardly had any relation to the fluorescence quantum yields of the target compounds.

Key words: fluorescence quantum yield, aromatic oxide-oxadiazole, synthesis, fluorescence spectrum, pyridine