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祁小云a,c, 胡泉源a,c, 王世敏a,b, 杨飞b, 喻平c   

  1. a 功能材料绿色制备与应用教育部重点实验室 武汉 430062;
    b 湖北大学材料科学与工程学院 武汉 430062;
    c 湖北大学化学化工学院 武汉 430062
  • 投稿日期:2011-06-22 修回日期:2011-11-07 发布日期:2012-02-25
  • 通讯作者: 胡泉源
  • 基金资助:

    973 计划前期研究专项(No. 2010CB234606)、湖北省教育厅重大科技项目(No. Z20101001)和湖北自然科学基金重点项目(No. 2009CDA027)的资助.

Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of a New Octupolar Molecule

Qi Xiaoyuna,c, Hu Quanyuana,c, Wang Shimina,b, Yang Feib, Yu Pingc   

  1. a Key Laboratory of Green Preparation and Application for Materials Ministry of Education, Wuhan 430062;
    b Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of Hubei University, Wuhan 430062;
    c College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Hubei University, Wuhan 430062
  • Received:2011-06-22 Revised:2011-11-07 Published:2012-02-25
  • Supported by:

    Project supported by the Special Prophase Program for Key Basic Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (973 Program: 2010CB234606), the Major Program of Education Commission of Hubei Province (Grant No. Z20101001), and the Key Program of Natural Science of Hubei Province of China (Grant No. 2009CDA027).

An octupolar molecule with triazine as core, styryl conjugate and nitrogen-carbon double bond as bridge and hydroxy ethoxy as the donor group was designed and synthesized. The structures and properties of the organic molecules were characterized by IR, elemental analysis, 1H MNR, UV-Vis and DSC-TG. The second order nonlinear optical properties was determined by Kurtz-Perry powder method. The results show that the compound second-harmonic generation (SHG) equals to 1.7 times of potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate (KDP). The maximum absorption wavelength of the compound was 411.5 nm. The compound was thermally stable with the decomposition temperature of 397 . Consequently it could be ℃ considered to be a better choice for the preparation of nonlinear optical (NLO) materials.

Key words: second-order nonlinear, octupolar molecules, trimethyl-s-triazine