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  1. 兰州大学化学系.兰州(730000);抚顺石油学院石化系;北京大学化学与分子工 程学院智能材料研究中心
  • 发布日期:1999-07-15

Molecular orientation of self-assembled monolayers of azobenzene derivatives

Zhang Haoli;Zhang Jin;Li Haiying;Liu Zhongfan;Li Hulin   

  1. Lanzhou Univ, Dept Chem.Lanzhou(730000)
  • Published:1999-07-15

Self-assembled monolayers (SAM~s) of a series of azobenzene derivatives on gold were characterized with reflectance absorption infrared spectroscopy (RA-IR). The effect of molecular structure of azobenzene derivatives on molecular orientation of their SAM~s was investigated by comparison of the RA-IR spectra with the corresponding transmission spectra of the isotropic samples. Mathematical expressions were explored for orientation evaluation of the alkly chain and the azobenzene group, respectively. Our investigation reveals that both the alkyl chain and the azobenzene chromophore tilt away dramatically from the surface normal direction with lengthening of the alkly chain. The molecular orientation changes in the series of SAM~s were attributed to the changes of van der waals interaction among alkyl chains. The influences of alkyl chain lengthing on alkyl chain and azobenzene group are not the same. While the number of the methylene moiety in molecule increases, the tilting angle of alkyl chain increases rapid but the changes of tiltign angle of azobenzene moiety is relative insignificant. Such difference between alkyl chain and azobenzene group is attributed to difference in rigidity.


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