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  1. 山东大学晶体材料研究所.济南(250100)
  • 出版日期:2001-05-15 发布日期:2001-05-15

Growth habits and mechanism of cadmium merury thiocyanate crystal for laser diode frequabcy doubling

Jiang Xuening;Yuan Duorong;Xu Dong;Lu Mengkai;Guo Shiyi;Yu Wentao;Zhang Guanghui;Fang Qi   

  1. Shandong Univ, Inst Crystal Mat.Jinan(250100)
  • Online:2001-05-15 Published:2001-05-15

Growth habits of cadmium mercury thiocyanate crystal (CMTC0 in solutions and the relation between its structure and morphology have been studied. On the basis of the structural investigation of CMTC growing solution, the growth units of CMTC crystak H~gS~4 and CdN~4 tetrahedr, which have the same corrdination polyedron structures as the anion groups in the crystal lattice, are proposed. The growth mechanisms of various morphologies of CMTC ncrystal are well explained.


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