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郝彦忠*, 1, 2,武文俊1   

  1. 1河北科技大学理学院 2河北科技大学化学与制药工程学院 石家庄 050018
  • 投稿日期:2004-04-07 修回日期:2004-10-08 发布日期:2010-12-10
  • 通讯作者: 郝彦忠

Photoelectrochemical Study on the Nanostructured TiO2/PMT Film Electrode

HAO Yan-Zhong*, 1, 2,WU Wen-Jun2   

  1. 1 College of Science, 2 College of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering,
    Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang 050018
  • Received:2004-04-07 Revised:2004-10-08 Published:2010-12-10
  • Contact: HAO Yan-Zhong

The photon-current conversion properties of nanostructured TiO2/poly(3-methythiophene) (PMT) film electrode were studied by using the photocurrent action spectra, the photocurrent dependence of potential and UV-Vis absorption spectra. The bandgap of PMT film is 1.93 eV. The diagram of energy level of PMT film was determined with cyclic voltamogramm and photoelectrochemical method. The conduction band of PMT film is -3.44 eV. The p-n heterojunction existed in the TiO2/PMT film electrode, which favors the separation of electron-hole pairs. The nanostructure can enlarge the visible optical absorption region and obviously increase the photocurrent in visible region. The photocurrent threshold shifted to >600 nm, and the photon-electron conversion efficiency could be improved.

Key words: nanostructured TiO2/PMT electrode, photoelectrochemistry, conducting polymer