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   Acta Chim. Sinica  2000, Vol. 58  Issue (7) :909-911    DOI:
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   Investigation of the structures of Mg-Al mixed oxides by SEELFS
   Huang Xiaohua;Huang Huizhong;Jiang Deen;Zhao Biying;Liu Zaiwei
   Beijing Univ, Inst Phys Chem.Beijing(100871)
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Huang Xiaohua
Huang Huizhong
Jiang Deen
Zhao Biying
Liu Zaiwei
Abstract: SEELFS mechanism was outlined and the Fourier transform function of Mg k- edge of MgO and Mg(Al)O were obtained after the data analysis of the SEELFS features. The peaks attributable to the Mg-O shell of two compounds were similar, whereas the peaks attributable to the Mg- Mg shell varied in the intensities and positions due to the introduction of Al^3^+ at nearest-neighbour.
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Huang Xiaohua, Huang Huizhong, Jiang Deen etc .Investigation of the structures of Mg-Al mixed oxides by SEELFS[J]  Acta Chim. Sinica 2000,V58(7): 909-911
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