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2011, 69(03)
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Theoretical Studies on the Mechanisms of Interaction between Morin and the Catalytic Zinc Ion in Matrix Metalloproteinases
    ZHANG Ji, LI Ting, LU Tao, MENG Wei, YU Dan-Ni, CHEN Ya-Dong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 253-261
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-26 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1156 )|Supporting Info
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Electrocatalytic Oxidation Behavior of Formic Acid at Platinum Electrode Modified with Nd-Fe-WO 42-Cyanide-bridged Mixed Complexes
    MA Yong-Jun, YANG Mei-Xia, WANG Wei-Feng, ZHOU Min, LIU Jing, LI Ting-Ting, CHEN Hui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 262-268
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-09 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1415 )|Supporting Info
PDF [566KB] ( 686 )
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Theoretical Studies on the Nitro and Azido Derivatives of Benzene
    DU Hong-Chen, XU Xiao-Juan, LIU Yan, LIU Hui, WANG Fang, ZHANG Jian-Ying, GONG Xue-Dong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 269-276
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-30 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1287 )|Supporting Info
PDF [513KB] ( 1121 )
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Ultrafine Silver Peroxide Powders Prepared by Ozone Oxidization Method and Its Antibacterial Property
    SHEN Wen-Ning, FENG La-Jun, KONG Zhen-Zhen, FENG Hui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 277-283
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1130 )|Supporting Info
PDF [564KB] ( 893 )
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Injury Model of African Green Monkey Kidney Epithelial Cell and Its Modulation on Calcium Oxalate Formation
    ZHANG Sheng, YANG Ru-E, OUYang-Jian-Ming
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 284-290
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-20 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1156 )|Supporting Info
PDF [549KB] ( 704 )
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Mechanism and Sensing Application for Recognition of Methanol Based on Calixarene Supramolecules
    DAI Yun-Lin, CAO Zhong, ZENG Ju-Lan, GONG Fu-Chun, HU Jing-Ling, HE Ting-Ting
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 291-297
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1249 )|Supporting Info
PDF [482KB] ( 839 )
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Interaction between Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Acetylcholin Esterase of Mice
    ZHAO Hai-Quan, HONG Fa-Shui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 298-304
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-09 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1367 )|Supporting Info
PDF [518KB] ( 1004 )
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Quantum Topological Method Studies on QSRR for Chiral Organic Compounds
    PENG Guo-Wen, XIAO Fang-Zhu, NIE Chang-Ming, LIAO Li-Fu, YANG Sheng-Yuan
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 305-310
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-11 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1108 )|Supporting Info
PDF [556KB] ( 699 )
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Studies on Quantitative 2D Chirality Degrees of Benzenoids
    ZHANG Qing-You, LONG Hai-Lin, ZHOU Yan-Mei, HAO Jun-Feng, XU Lu, LENG Ji-Yan
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 311-315
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-12 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1110 )|Supporting Info
PDF [350KB] ( 713 )
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Water-soluble Sulfonate Sodium Phenyl Porphyrin and Its Metal Complexes Covalently and Non-covalently Modification Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    ZHANG Hui, ZHAO Hong-Bin, LU Xu-Jia, WANG Wu-Lin, CHANG Hui, WANG Yu-Fang
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 316-324
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-11 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1265 )|Supporting Info
PDF [706KB] ( 953 )
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Synthesis, Photoelectronic Properties of the Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes with Donor-Acceptor Structures
    Weiguo Zhu
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 325-334
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-09 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1313 )|Supporting Info
PDF [518KB] ( 918 )
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Lytropic Liquid Crystalline Structures of a Sulfonic Acid-Containing Gemini Surfactant
    XU Ling-Yan, YANG Ji-Ping
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 335-342
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1267 )|Supporting Info
PDF [626KB] ( 1030 )
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Modification of Magnetic Particles via Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly and Adsorption of Protein
    SUN Wen-Tong, WANG Shi-Xing, ZHANG Xiao-Hong, ZHONG Du-Bo, WANG Ya-Qin, ZHU Hong-Kun, LI Jun-Ming
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 351-355
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-28 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1222 )|Supporting Info
PDF [406KB] ( 1461 )
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 Special Topic
Synthesis of Amphiphilic Crown Ether Compound and Application in Ion Channel Membrane
    TANG Cheng-Cheng, WANG Li-Hua, YUAN Yan-Bin, ZHANG Chen-Lin, LIU Bi-Qian
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 343-350
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-10-14 (Special Topic)
Abstract ( 1211 )|Supporting Info
PDF [625KB] ( 928 )
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Stereochemistry of Narcotine and Phthalideisoquinoline Synthesized via Bischler-Napieralski Reaction
    NA Lu-Xin, ZHAO Dong-Mei, SONG Shuai, SUN Liang, CHENG Mao-Sheng
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2011, 69 (03), pp 356-361
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-09-06 (Note)
Abstract ( 1353 )|Supporting Info
PDF [408KB] ( 1001 )
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