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2012, 70(20)
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2101-2108
     Publication Date(Web): (Content)
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Application of Near-infrared Spectroscopy in Micro Inorganic Analysis
    Shao Xueguang, Ning Yu, Liu Fengxia, Li Jihui, Cai Wensheng
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2109-2114
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-08-30 (Full Papers)
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Research Progress and the Limiting Factors that Affect Performance of the Lithium Air Batteries
    Gu Daming, Zhang Chuanming, Gu Shuo, Zhang Yin, Wang Yu, Qiang Liangsheng
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2115-2122
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-11 (Review)
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Mouse Tet1 Protein can Oxidize 5mC to 5hmC and 5caC on Single-stranded DNA
    Zhang Liang, Yu Miao, He Chuan
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2123-2126
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-19 (Communications)
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Quartz Crystal Microbalance Studies on Surface-Initiated DNA Hybridization Chain Reaction
    Wang Ping, Ge Zhilei, Pei Hao, Wang Lihua, Fan Chunhai
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2127-2132
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-05 (Communications)
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A New Fluorescence Turn-on Cyanide Sensor with Fluorescein-labeled Oligo DNA-Cu(II) Ensemble
    Huang Xianhong, Zhang Guanxin, Zhang Deqing
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2133-2136
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-11 (Article)
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Synthesis and Characterization of Oligofluorene Nanoparticles for Cell Imaging
    Wen Quanshan, Tang Hongwei, Yang Gaomai, Liu Libing, Lv Fengting, Yang Qiong, Wang Shu
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2137-2143
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-11 (Article)
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Region-selective Metalization of Poly(methylmethacrylate) Surface Based on UV/ozone Surface Modification
    Hu Xianqiao, Jiang Yan, He Qiaohong, Shi Yangmeng, Hu Chenchen, Tang Ning, Chen Hengwu
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2144-2148
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-21 (Article)
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Fabrication of Ag/Au/Pt Composite Catalysts and Their Electrocatalytic Oxidation for Formic Acid
    Zhang Qiang, Yao Zhangquan, Zhou Rong, Du Yukou, Yang Ping
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2149-2154
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-11 (Article)
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Thermosensitive Fluorescent Behavior and Mechanism of EuF3-NaYF4 Nanocrystals/PNIPAm Ternary Complex Hydrogel
    Song Qiusheng, Gao Kang, Yao Wei, Yang Yang, Ma Haihong
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2155-2161
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-08-25 (Article)
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Controllable Synthesis and Release Properties of Methotrexatum/Layered Double Hydroxide Compounds
    Qi Fenglin, Li Shuping, Zhang Xiaoqing
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2162-2168
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-08-23 (Article)
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Preparation of Fluorescent Graphene Quantum Dots as Biological Imaging Marker for Cells
    Xie Wenjing, Fu Yingyi, Ma Hong, Zhang Mo, Fan Louzhen
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2169-2172
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-08-27 (Article)
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Sol-hydrothermal Preparation of N-P-TiO2 Nano-particles for Photocatalytic Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol under Sunlight Irradiation
    Jiang Hongquan, Wang Qiaofeng, Li Jingshen, Wang Qingyuan, Li Zhenyu
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2173-2178
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-09-24 (Article)
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Preparation and Properties of Silicon-Zirconium Hybrid Coatings by Electrophoretic Deposition on LC4 Aluminum Alloy
    Liu Jianhua, Dong Lin, Yu Mei, Li Songmei, Zhan Zhongwei
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2012, 70 (20), pp 2179-2186
     Publication Date(Web): 2012-08-27 (Article)
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