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2005, 63(7)
Preparation and Crystallization Preinvestigation of the Fluorescein-5-isothiocyanate Derivatives of Chicken Egg White Lysozyme
    DAI Guo-Liang*, DAI Lian-Hua, YU Yong, XIE Ying
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 559-561
     Publication Date(Web): (Communications)
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Interaction Mechanism Study on Poly(ethylene oxide)-Clay-Alkali Metal Ion Intercalation Composites
    SUN Ming-Bo1,2, HOU Wan-Guo*,1, SUN De-Jun, DAI Xiao-Nan
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 562-566
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Theoretical Study on the Regioselectivity of Nitrile Oxide 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition to Propyne
    ZHANG Yue-Mei, WANG Ruo-Xi, XU Wei-Ren2, LIU Cheng-Bu*,1
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 567-571
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Study on UO22+nH2O and PuO22+nH2O (n=2, 4, 5, 6) by Means of Density Functional Theory
    XIONG Zhong-Hua*,1, CHEN Qi, ZHENG Xiu-Mei, WEI Xi-Wen2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 572-576
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Study on Properties of Ionic Liquid BMIBF4
    YANG Jia-Zhen*,1, GUI Jin-Song2, LÜ Xing-Meib,c, ZHANG Qing-Guoa,c, LI Hua-Wei2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 577-580
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Density Functional Study on the Electronic Structures of the Hydrogen-Adsorbed Armchair Carbon Nanotube
    ZHANG Yong-Fan1,2, LI Yi1,2, JIA Gui-Xiao, LI Jun-Qian*,1,2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 581-586
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Control of CaCO3 Crystal Growth on PDAC/PSS Self-Assembled Multilayers
    DU Zhu-Wei*, HAO Juan-Ling, LI Hao-Ran
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 587-591
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Thin Film Doped by Pt with Different Distribution
    WANG Jun-Ganga,b, LI Xin-Jun*,1, ZHENG Shao-Jian, HE Ming-Xing, XU Weia,b
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 592-596
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Study on Refolding of Urea-Reduced/Denatured Lysozyme by High-Performance Weak-cation Exchange Chromatography
    LIU Hong-Ni, WANG Yan, GONG Bo-Lin, GENG Xin-Du*
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 597-602
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1653 )|Supporting Info
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Mechanism Study of Di-n-butyltin Oxide Catalyzed Transesterification of Dimethyl Carbonate with Phenol
    WANG Yue, YAO Jie, ZENG Yi, WANG Gong-Ying*
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 603-611
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1641 )|Supporting Info
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Rapid Preparation of Eu:YVO4 Films by Microwave Irradiation Assisted Chemical Bath Deposition
    XU Hai-Yan, JIA Lin,XU Si-Le, LI Xu-Dong, WANG Hao*, YAN Hui
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 612-616
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1584 )|Supporting Info
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3D-QSAR Study of a Series of Novel Triazole Antifungal Compounds
    SHENG Chun-Quan, ZHANG Wan-Nian*, ZHANG Min, SONG Yun-Long, CHEN Jun, ZHU Jie, JI Hai-Tao, YAO Jian-Zhong, MIAO Zhen-Yuan
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 617-624
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1807 )|Supporting Info
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MW-DC Hybrid Plasma Conversion of Natural Gas to Acetylene
    XU Xing-Xiang, YANG Yong-Jin, SUN Jia-Yan, ZHANG Jin-Song*
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 625-630
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1527 )|Supporting Info
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Study on Synthesis of Amphiphilic PS-b-PMAA and Their Micellization
    HUA Man, YANG Wei, XUE Qiao, CHEN Ming-Qing*, LIU Xiao-Ya, YANG Cheng
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 631-636
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1867 )|Supporting Info
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Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Tri-block Copolymers Containing Terbium Complex
    LING Qi-Dan*,1,2, YANG Mu-Jie2, WANG Wen, LIN Mei-Juan, ZHANG Wen-Gong
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 637-642
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1663 )|Supporting Info
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Surface Amino Amplification and Graft with Phosphorylcholine by Reductive Amination
    GONG Yong-Kuan*,1,2, WINNIK Francoise M.2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 643-647
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
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Investigation of Surface Oxidation of Uranium Monocarbide by in situ XPS Technique
    FU Xiao-Guo*, ZHONG Yong-Qiang, WANG Xiao-Lin, LIU Ke-Zhao, ZHAO Zheng-Ping, LIU Chun-Rong
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 648-652
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1363 )|Supporting Info
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Supramolecular Self-assembly of Quaternized Poly-4-vinylpyridine Derivative with Cucurbituril[6] and Its Properties
    HOU Zhao-Sheng, TAN Ye-Bang*,1, HUANG Yu-Ling, ZHOU Qi-Feng2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 653-657
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1727 )|Supporting Info
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Particle Size Effect of Alumina-supported Platinum Catalysts Synthesized by Microemulsion on the Electrocatalytic Oxidation of CO
    GENG Dong-Sheng, LÜ Gong-Xuan*, BI Yu-Shui, BI Ying-Pu
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 658-662
     Publication Date(Web): (Reports)
Abstract ( 1532 )|Supporting Info
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Synthesis, Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Properties of a New Binuclear Eu(III) Complex
    CHEN Fang-Fang, GUAN Min2, ZHANG You-Zhuan, WANG Ke-Zhi*,1, HUANG Chun-Hui2
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 663-666
     Publication Date(Web): (Reports)
Abstract ( 1666 )|Supporting Info
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Synthesis and Characterization of Thermally Stable Sulfonated Fluorine Containing Polybenzimidazoles
    QING Sheng-Bo, HUANG Wei, YAN De-Yue*
     Chin. J. Org. Chem.,      2005, 63 (7), pp 667-670
     Publication Date(Web): (Reports)
Abstract ( 1599 )|Supporting Info
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