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赵芳, 胡洋, 李巧, 胡胜利   

  1. 湖北师范大学化学化工学院 黄石 435002
  • 收稿日期:2019-08-23 修回日期:2019-10-19 发布日期:2019-11-07
  • 通讯作者: 胡胜利
  • 基金资助:

I2/CuO-Catalyzed One-Pot Synthesis of 3-(2-Amino-4-thiazolyl) Coumarin Derivatives from 3-Acetylcoumarins and Thiourea

Zhao Fang, Hu Yang, Li Qiao, Hu Shengli   

  1. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hubei Normal University, Huangshi 435002
  • Received:2019-08-23 Revised:2019-10-19 Published:2019-11-07
  • Supported by:
    Project supported by the Science Technology Foundation for Creative Research Group of Hubei Department of Education (No. T201311) and the Foundation of Hubei Provincal Ministry of Education (No. D20112507).

Coumarin and thiazole are two classes of important heterocycles with many biological activities and pharmacological effects. It is very meaningful to synthesize thiazolyl coumarin derivatives in medicinal chemistry area. In this study, a facile and efficient one-pot process was developed to synthesize substituted aminothiazoles from 3-acetylcoumarins and thiourea/N-substituted thioureas under the media of I2/CuO. All target molecules were characterized by NMR, IR spectra and MS.

Key words: coumarin, 2-aminothiazole, one-pot reaction, I2/CuO