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李文华, 王军, 谢征芳, 王浩, 唐云   

  1. 国防科技大学新型陶瓷纤维及其复合材料国防科技重点实验室, 长沙 410073
  • 收稿日期:2011-10-27 修回日期:2011-12-19 出版日期:2012-01-14 发布日期:2012-02-25
  • 通讯作者: 李文华
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Preparation of Boron Nitride Ceramic Fibers by Pyrolysis of Silicon-containing Polyborazine

Li Wenhua, Wang Jun, Xie Zhengfang, Wang Hao, Tang Yun   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramic Fibers&Composites, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073
  • Received:2011-10-27 Revised:2011-12-19 Online:2012-01-14 Published:2012-02-25
  • Supported by:

    Project supported by the Exploring Project for Weapon&Equipment(No.7130902)and National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos.50702075 and 51172280).

Silicon still exists in boron nitride(BN)ceramic fibers which were prepared by melt-spinning, curing with BCl3 and pyrolysis under NH3 of a preceramic silicon-containing polyborazine.That is because B-N(SiMe3)2 and B-N(SiMe3)-B could not react with BCl3 completely for the steric hindrance.So HCl was used to react with silicon-containing polyborazine first to reduce its steric hindrance.Then,BCl3 reacted with silicon-containing polyborazine to remove the residual SiMe3.After pyrolysis under NH3,BN ceramic fibers without silicon were obtained which was proved by FT-IR and X-ray diffraction.The obtained BN ceramic fibers with diameter of about 11μm were dense which was demonstrated by scanning electron mi- croscopy(SEM)and the fibers showed room temperature mechanical property with average tensile strength of 0.45GPa.

Key words: BN ceramic fiber, polymer pyrolysis, silicon-containing polyborazine