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2010, 68(10)
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DNA Immobilization onto the Self-assembled Monolayer of Azobenzene Modified by Amino Group
    FENG Xiao-Zhong, YAN Li-Jun, ZHANG Chi-Gong, YAN Fu-Feng, DOU Jun, LI Pan-Shan, ZHENG Xian-Jun
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 931-935
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-04-20 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1485 )|Supporting Info
PDF [480KB] ( 1657 )
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Investigation on the Antibacterial Activity of Coptis chinensis Franch and Its Components Compatibility by Microcalorimetry
    DAI Chun-Mei, WANG Ga-Ba, KONG Wei-Jun, XIAO Xiao-He, BANG Cheng, DIAO Yan-Ling, JIN Cheng
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 936-940
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-05 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1517 )|Supporting Info
PDF [352KB] ( 1122 )
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Effect of Separators on BMImBF4 Ionic Liquid as the Electrolyte of Magnesium Deposition-Dissolution
    NU Li-Yan-Na, YANG Jun, GAO Feng-Fei, LI Yun, WANG Jiu-Lin
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 948-954
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-25 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1390 )|Supporting Info
PDF [812KB] ( 1297 )
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First-principles Calculation of Electronic Structure and Dehydrogenating Properties of MgH2-Nb Systems
    ZHOU Dian-Wu, ZHANG Jian, XU Shao-Hua, BANG Beng, LIU Jin-Shui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 955-960
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-05 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1445 )|Supporting Info
PDF [501KB] ( 1193 )
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Effects of Reaction Conditions on the Structure, Morphology and Size of Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles
    SHU Jia-Yi, HE Jun-Hui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 961-968
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1413 )|Supporting Info
PDF [2103KB] ( 1312 )
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Theoretical Study on the Activation of Ammonia by Ni atom
    XIE Jun, QIN Song, TANG Dian-Yong, HU Chang-Wei
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 969-974
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-05 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1331 )|Supporting Info
PDF [411KB] ( 1240 )
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Studies on the Oxidation of σ-Phenylenediamine Catalyzed by Chloroperoxidase in the Presence of an Ionic Liquid as Co-solvent
    NIE Yan-Yan, JIANG Yo-Cheng, HU Man-Cheng, LI Chu-Ni, DI Quan-Guo
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 982-988
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-21 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1443 )|Supporting Info
PDF [517KB] ( 1181 )
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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Novel α-Monosubstituted Cyclododecanone Oxime
    ZHANG Chun-Yan, CHEN Shou-Cong, WANG Dao-Quan, WANG Meng-An
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 989-995
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-05 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1291 )|Supporting Info
PDF [389KB] ( 1033 )
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A Proteomic Survey of Spatial Memory Related Proteins in Mice
    ZHENG Jun-Fang, SUN Chao-Yuan, SUN Li-Cui, YANG Xiao-Mei, WANG Xiao-Zhu, HUANG Yan, LI Xiang, HE Dun-Qi
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 996-1002
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-05 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1419 )|Supporting Info
PDF [445KB] ( 1081 )
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Influence of Liquid Crystalline Copolysiloxane as a β-Form Nucleator on Crystallization Structure and Morphology of Isotactic Polypropylene
    SUN Jing, HU Jian-She, CHAO Chun-Yang, GUO Zhi-Xin, QI Yang
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1003-1009
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-19 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1446 )|Supporting Info
PDF [509KB] ( 1136 )
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Study on the Synthesis of Five 1,2-Dimethylimidazolium Type of Ionic Liquids and Their Application to Li/LiFeO4 Battery as Electrolytes
    CA Yan, LI Zai-Jun, ZHANG Hai-Lang, FAN Xu, ZHANG Suo-Jiang
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1017-1022
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-27 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1418 )|Supporting Info
PDF [0KB] ( 188 )
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Study of the Preparation and Photocatalysis Performance of CeO2/ZnO Mixed Nanometer Tubes
    LI Chang-Quan, LUO Lai-Chao, XIONG Guang-Wei
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1023-1026
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-18 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1439 )|Supporting Info
PDF [502KB] ( 1504 )
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Effect of Eu3+ on the Conformation of Apoovotransferrin
    LI Yang-Ai, ZHOU Xue-Ping, LIN Hua-Yang, DUAN Xin-E
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1027-1031
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-06 (Full Papers)
Abstract ( 1345 )|Supporting Info
PDF [387KB] ( 936 )
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 Special Topic
Theoretical Studies of Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions of Silabenzenes and Germabenzenes with 2,3-Dimethyl-butadiene
    WANG Yan, CENG Xiao-Lan, FANG De-Cai
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 941-947
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-18 (Special Topic)
Abstract ( 1373 )|Supporting Info
PDF [452KB] ( 1101 )
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The Reversible Decomposition Voltages of H2O, D2O, T2O under the Dipole Electric Field
    SHI Shun-Beng, LUO Wen-Lang, SHU Zheng-He, LIU Xiu-Hua, FU Yi-Bei, JIANG Gang, WANG Rong, GU E-Wen
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 975-981
     Publication Date(Web): 2009-12-23 (Special Topic)
Abstract ( 1285 )|Supporting Info
PDF [349KB] ( 1014 )
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Resolution of (R,S)-1-Phenylethanol Catalyzed by Lipase in Novel 1,3-Dibutylimidazolium Ionic Liquid
    CHAN Hai-Xia, LIU Yang, LI Zai-Jun, LI Meng, DAO Li-Hua, DANG Wei-Ming
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1010-1016
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-15 (Special Topic)
Abstract ( 1429 )|Supporting Info
PDF [605KB] ( 1010 )
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Spectra Characterization of the Conformational Changes of Human Cellular Prion Protein Induced by Heparin
    XIAO Sai-Jin, HU Ping-Ping, TAN Ke-Dun, JUAN Chu-Jun, HUANG Cheng-Zhi
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2010, 68 (10), pp 1032-1036
     Publication Date(Web): 2010-01-19 (Note)
Abstract ( 1363 )|Supporting Info
PDF [377KB] ( 1223 )
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