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赵冕a, 蔡乐a, 何健民a,b, 尹田鹏a, 隋迎春a, 罗梦婷a, 丁中涛a   

  1. a 教育部自然资源药物化学重点实验室 云南大学化学科学与工程学院 昆明 650091;
    b 保山学院资源环境学院 保山 678000
  • 收稿日期:2013-03-26 修回日期:2013-04-25 发布日期:2013-05-06
  • 通讯作者: 丁中涛
  • 基金资助:


Chemical Constituents from the Branches and Leaves of Pyrus pashia Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don

Zhao Miana, Cai Lea, He Jianmina,b, Yin Tianpenga, Sui Yingchuna, Luo Mengtinga, Ding Zhongtaoa   

  1. a Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry for Nature Resource, Ministry of Education, School of Chemical Science and Technology, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091;
    b College of Resource and Environment, Baoshan University, Baoshan 678000
  • Received:2013-03-26 Revised:2013-04-25 Published:2013-05-06
  • Supported by:

    Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.21002084), and the Natural Science Foundation of China of Yunnan Province (No.2010CD017).

Seventeen compounds were isolated from the branches and leaves of Pyrus pashia Buch.-Ham.ex D.Don.On the basis of spectroscopic methods (HR-ESIMS, 1D- and 2D-NMR), their structures were identified as pashinin A (1), gastrodin-7-O-cis-caffeoyl ester (2), gastrodin-7-O-trans-caffeoyl ester (3), kaempferol-3-β-D-(6-O-trans-p-coumaroyl)glu- copyranoside (4), kaempferol-3-β-D-(6-O-cis-p-coumaroyl)glucopyranoside (5), gastrodin-7-O-p-hydroxybenzoyl ester (6), arbutin (7), robustaside B (8), tormentic acid (9), euscaphic acid (10), quercetin-3-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (11), 2R,3R-dihydyoquercetin (12), luteolin-4'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (13), apigenin-4'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (14), 5,7,4'-trihy- droxyisoflavone-7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (15), genistein (16), caffeic acid (17).Among them, 1 and 2 were new compounds, 3 was a new natural product, 416 were isolated from this plant for the first time.Compounds 13 showed no cytotoxic effects on tumor cell (IC50 >40 μmol·L-1).1 and 4 exhibited weak anti-HIV-1 activities.

Key words: Pyrus pashia, branches and leaves, pashinin A, gastrodin-7-O-cis-caffeoyl ester, anti-HIV-1 activities