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杨艳宇a,b, 王星b,*(), 吴德成b,c,*()   

  1. a 郑州大学材料科学与工程学院 郑州 450001)
    b 中国科学院化学研究所 北京 100190)
    c 南方科技大学生物医学工程系 深圳 518055
  • 投稿日期:2020-08-16 发布日期:2020-09-16
  • 通讯作者: 王星, 吴德成
  • 作者简介:

    杨艳宇, 2017年博士毕业于中国科学院化学研究所, 高分子化学与物理专业, 导师为吴德成研究员, 现为郑州大学副教授, 研究方向为高机械性能水凝胶材料的构筑与功能化研究.

    王星, 中国科学院化学研究所副研究员, 2014年于中国科学院化学研究所取得博士学位, 研究方向为医用高分子水凝胶的可控制备、功能构筑及应用研究.

    吴德成, 中国科学院化学研究所研究员、南方科技大学生物医学工程系讲席教授. 研究方向为生物医用高分子、医用敷料/耗材、生物成像、药物输运和组织工程.

  • 基金资助:
    国家自然科学基金(Nos. 51803188); 国家自然科学基金(51973226); 国家自然科学基金(21725403)

Chitosan-Based High-Mechanical Double-Network Hydrogels: Construction, Modulation and Applications

Yanyu Yanga,b, Xing Wangb,*(), Decheng Wub,c,*()   

  1. a College of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou 450001, China)
    b Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China)
    c Department of Biomedical Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen 518055, China
  • Received:2020-08-16 Published:2020-09-16
  • Contact: Xing Wang, Decheng Wu
  • Supported by:
    the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Nos. 51803188); the National Natural Science Foundation of China(51973226); the National Natural Science Foundation of China(21725403)

Double-network (DN) hydrogels are composed of two asymmetric networks with contrasting properties, wherein the rigid and brittle network serving as sacrificial bonds effectively dissipates energy to enhance the mechanical performance. The first reconstructable physical network endows the DN hydrogels with outstanding anti-soften and mechanical stability. However, the monotonous type of physical networks and the difficulty in tailoring structure and mechanics greatly limit the development and application of DN hydrogels. Focusing on these problems, we have fabricated the rigid and brittle chitosan physical network with adjustable network type, structure and property and further constructed various chitosan-based DN hydrogels with high mechanical performance and tunable mechanics. The hydrogels were potential materials for anti-freezing dresses, biomedical materials, flexible electronics and wearable devices. The universal strategy of constructing chitosan-based DN hydrogels was beneficial for developing various functional and high-mechanical hydrogels and broadening their applications.

Key words: chitosan physical network, strong and tough hydrogel, structural and mechanical regulation, freezing tolerance, flexible wearable device