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  1. 中国科学院感光化学研究所.北京(100101)
  • 发布日期:1999-02-15

The molecular recognition of nucleotide phosphate and fluorescence chemosensor

Li Huaping;Wang Pengfei;Wu Shikang   

  1. Inst Photog Chem, Acad Sinica.Beijing(100101)
  • Published:1999-02-15

A new fluorescence chemical sensor---compound 1 used for identification of nucleotide phosphate such as ATP, ADP, AMP anion in water has been synthesized. According to the variation of pyrene excimer emission of compound 1 in water with concentration of nucleotide phosphates and adenine, the quenching constants have been measured. In addition, the stability constants of the complexes between compound 1 and different nucleotide phosphate have also been determined. From the results, compound 1 shows a better selectivity for ATP than for ADP or AMP. Moreover, the molecular configuration and molecular geometrical size of compound 1 and its complexes calculated by the method of molecular mechanics were compared and studied with experimental results.

Key words: EXCIMER

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