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刘甜甜, 段新红*()   

  1. 北京林业大学理学院 北京 100083
  • 收稿日期:2023-03-05 修回日期:2023-06-04 发布日期:2023-07-19
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Recent Progress in the Construction of Chiral 3-Substituted Indoles by Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Reactions

Tiantian Liu, Xinhong Duan()   

  1. College of Science, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083
  • Received:2023-03-05 Revised:2023-06-04 Published:2023-07-19
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    Excellent Laboratory Teacher Cultivation Program of Beijing Forestry University(20210902)

Chiral C(3)-functionalized indoles have received much attention as strategic building blocks for the synthesis of many natural products and bioactive compounds. Particularly in the past twenty years, application of chiral metal complexes and small-molecule organocatalysts for the asymmetric Friedel-Crafts C(3)-alkylations of indoles has become a hot topic in the organic field. Applications of asymmetric Friedel-Crafts reactions in the synthesis of C(3)-substituted indoles are reviewed according to the catalysts that promoting reaction. Moreover, future perspectives are also presented.

Key words: chiral catalyst, asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation, C(3)-substituted chiral indole, chiral induction