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  • 2017年 第75卷 第8期



    On the cover: This review mainly summarizes the progress in the field of direct transformation of molecular nitrogen to nitrogen- containing organic compounds by using transition metal complexes. The activation and transformation of dinitrogen (nitrogen fixation) under mild conditions has been a great challenge, which requires combined efforts of chemists from all over the world. [Xi, Zhenfeng et al. on page 733-743.]

    On the back cover: A bisoxazoline/Cu(SbF6)2 catalyzed stereoselective [32] annulation of indoles with 1,1,2,2-tetrasubstituted donor-acceptor cyclopropanes was presented. This annulation method furnished the C2, C3-fused indolines bearing three continuous quaternary stereocentres on the newly built cyclopentane ring, which are widely existed as a core motif in a plenty of natural products and biologically active compounds. [Tang, Yong et al. on page 783-787.]

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