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  • 2020年 第78卷 第4期



    On the coverCross-coupling hydrogen evolution (CCHE) reactions exclude the use of external oxidants to active R—H bond, thus offering a clean, energy-efficient and atom-economic protocol for cross-couplings. In this review, recent developments of photocatalytic and electrochemical CCHE reactions are discussed via the most prominent mechanistic pathways, the types of C—C bond, C—X (heteroatom) bond, or X—X bond formations and specific reaction classes. [Liu, Qiang et al. on page 299-310.]

    On the back cover: In order to understand the volatility of ammonium nitrate in ultra-viscous aerosol droplets, optical tweezers coupled with cavity-enhanced Raman spectroscopy were employed to observe the volatility of ammonium nitrate in the mixture of NH4NO3/MgSO4 and NH4NO3/sucrose droplets. The results showed that the volatilization of ammonium nitrate in droplets was inhibited at low relative humidity. [Zhang, Yunhong et al. on page 326-329.]

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