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新型含吡咯亚胺基辅助配体的金属铱(III)配合物的 合成、表征及发光性质

李文瑛a 毛礼胜*,b 吕 龙*,b 贺红武a


  1. (a华中师范大学化学学院 武汉 430079)
    (b中国科学院上海有机化学研究所有机氟化学重点实验室 上海 200032)

  • 投稿日期:2008-01-14 修回日期:2008-04-17 发布日期:2008-10-14
  • 通讯作者: 吕 龙

Synthesis, Characterization and Luminescent Property of New Iridium(III) Complexes Bearing Pyrrylimine Ligands

LI ,Wen-Ying a MAO, Li-Sheng *,b LÜ, Long * ,b HE, Hong-Wu a   

  1. (a College of Chemistry, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079)
    (b Key Laboratory of Organofluorine Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200032)
  • Received:2008-01-14 Revised:2008-04-17 Published:2008-10-14
  • Contact: LÜ, Long

A series of new iridium complexes bearing pyrrylimine ligands, [(ppy)2Ir(N^N)] (ppy=2-phenylpyridine), were synthesized and characterized by 1H NMR, mass spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The reaction conditions of synthesis, UV-Vis absorption, photoluminescence and quantum efficiencies of the complexes were investigated. The results showed that the iridium complexes were obtained in good yields at room temperature using NaOAc as a base in dichloromethane. By changing the substituents in the pyrrylimine ligands, these complexes would have a range of luminescence wavelength from 507 to 606 nm and realize tuning from green to red. All of the iridium complexes in solution show high quantum efficiencies (0.25~0.95).

Key words: phosphorescent material, iridium complex, pyrrylimine, synthesis, luminescent property