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  1. (1天津工业大学材料科学与化学工程学院 改性与功能纤维天津市重点实验室 天津300160)
    (2山东轻工业学院化学工程学院 济南 250353)
  • 投稿日期:2009-06-26 修回日期:2009-09-04 发布日期:2010-02-20
  • 通讯作者: 臧洪俊
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Study on the Homogeneous Acetylation of Cellulose in a Mixed Ionic Liquid of [AMMor]Cl/[AMIm]Cl

Zang Hongjun*,1 Zhang Yong1 Zang Yaping2 Cheng Bowen1 Song Jun1 Ji Kemeng1 Chang Junqiang1   

  1. (1 Tianjin Municipal Key Laboratory of Fiber Modification and Functional Fiber, Department of Material Science and Chemistry Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin 300160)
    (2 School of Chemical Engineering, Shandong Institue of Light Industry, Jinan 250353)
  • Received:2009-06-26 Revised:2009-09-04 Published:2010-02-20

Homogeneous acetylation of cellulose was performed in a new mixed ionic liquid N-allyl-N- methylmorpholinium chloride ([AMMor]Cl) and 1-allyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ([AMIm]Cl) in the absence of catalyst. The degree of substitution to cellulose acetates ranged from 2.58 to 3.00. The products were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectra. The results showed that modification of cellulose with acetyl chloride using [AMMor]Cl/[AMIm]Cl as solvent resulted in the production of cellulosic monoester, and the acetylation at C-6, C-3 and C-2 positions of the cellulose all occurred. The new homogeneous path gave pure cellulose acetates. All reactions were carried out under mild conditions, low excess of reagent and a short reaction time. The reaction media applied could be easily recycled.

Key words: cellulose, cellulose acetate, ionic liquid, homogeneous acetylation, degree of substitution