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2007, 65(19)
 Original Articles
A Theoretical Study on Aun (n=2~20) with Combined Density Functional and Genetic Algorithm Methods
    WANG Shun; WANG Wen-Ning; LU Jing; CHEN Guan-Hua1,2; FAN Kang-Nian*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2085-2091
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1468 )|Supporting Info
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Theoretical Study of Boron-Carbon Clusters BnC2 (n=1~6)
    WANG Ruo-Xi1,2; ZHANG Dong-Ju; ZHU Rong-Xiu; LIU Cheng-Bu*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2092-2096
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1448 )|Supporting Info
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Preparation of the TiO2/P(VdF-HFP) Hybrid Fiber Microporous Film and Its Electrochemical Performance
    XIAO Wen-Jun; LI Zhao-Hui; HUANG Zai-Bo; TAN Song-Ting*,1,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2097-2102
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1859 )|Supporting Info
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Preparation, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Three-dimensionally Ordered Macroporous H3PW12O40-SiO2 Functionalized Materials
    YIN Qiang; LIAO Ju-Fang; WANG Chong-Tai; LI Yu-Guang*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2103-2108
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1622 )|Supporting Info
PDF [699KB] ( 731 )
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Thermodynamic Analysis of the Reasonableness of the Fluorescence Enhancement and Quenching Theory Equations
    YANG Man-Man; XI Xiao-Li; YANG Pin*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2109-2116
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1572 )|Supporting Info
PDF [378KB] ( 930 )
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Theoretical Study on the Mechanism and Kinetics of the Reaction of Criegee Radical CH2O2 with H2O
    QI Bin*; CHAO Yu-Tao
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2117-2123
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1547 )|Supporting Info
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Dielectric Model of Concentration Polarization—Numerical Simulation for the Composite Membrane and Solution System
    LI Yu-Hong; ZHAO Kong-Shuang*,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2124-2132
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1681 )|Supporting Info
PDF [6085KB] ( 575 )
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Study on the Mechanism of Calcium Carbonate Formation Induced by Carbonate-mineralization Microbe
    CHENG Liang*; QIAN Chun-Xiang; WANG Rui-Xing; WANG Jian-Yun
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2133-2138
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1989 )|Supporting Info
PDF [3726KB] ( 973 )
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Self-assembly of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles to Structures of Wires and Spheres by a Solvothermal Method
    WANG Xue-Ying2; NAN Zhao-Dong*,1; HAO Hai-Yan2; LI Ya-Sheng2,3
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2139-2143
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1795 )|Supporting Info
PDF [2418KB] ( 642 )
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Synthesis of Poly(acrylic acid)-g-poly(alkyl methacrylate) Graft Copolymers with Narrow Molecular Weight Distributions
    PENG Dan*,1,2; LI Yao-Gong2; ZHANG Xiao-Huan2; LU Guo-Lin2; FENG Chun2; HUANG Xiao-Yu*,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2144-2150
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 2031 )|Supporting Info
PDF [823KB] ( 859 )
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Synthesis of the Second Generation Spiro Dendrimer Compounds of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12-Dodecahydrogen-2,2;6,6;10,10- tris[3,3-di(alkoxycarbonyl)-1,1-cyclobutylenedimethoxy]triphenylene
    WEI Rong-Bao*; LI Hong-Bo; LIANG Ya
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2151-2154
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1605 )|Supporting Info
PDF [321KB] ( 562 )
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Selenium Transfer Reaction of Phenyl or m-Tolyl Seleno-amides with α-Haloacetic Acid in Alcohol—the Convenient Synthesis of Bis(alkoxycarbonylmethyl) Diselenides
    ZHAO Hua-Rong*,1; LIU Man-Qiong; ZHAO Xin-Jian2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2155-2158
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1497 )|Supporting Info
PDF [276KB] ( 583 )
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Interaction between Dihydromyricetin and G-quartet
    JIANG Cai-Wu*; LI Bing-Chao; TANG Qian-Li
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2159-2162
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1542 )|Supporting Info
PDF [632KB] ( 611 )
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Complexation between P(AA-g-NIPAM) and PNIPAM Studied by Fluorescence Techniques
    LIU Xia; LIU Shou-Xin*; LI Fang; FANG Yu; WANG Yi-Juan; YU Juan
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2163-2168
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1576 )|Supporting Info
PDF [356KB] ( 722 )
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Freeze-Drying and in vitro Release Kinetics of Poly(ethylene glycol)- Poly(dl-lactide) Block Copolymer Micelles
    YANG Zhuo-Li; LI Xin-Ru; YANG Ke-Wei; LIU Yan*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2169-2174
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1399 )|Supporting Info
PDF [699KB] ( 1024 )
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Preparation of Poly(butylene-co-ε-caprolactone car-bonate) and Properties of Its Drug-Loaded Microspheres
    LIU Yan-Fei; LIU Su-Qin; PENG Dong-Ming; YAN Wen-Bin2; HUANG Ke-Long*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2175-2180
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1507 )|Supporting Info
PDF [985KB] ( 730 )
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Studies on the Synthesis of Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-dendritic Poly(l-lysine)s and Their Application as Gene Carriers
    CUI Liang; LI Yang2; HOU Xiao-Dong3; GONGWen-Juan3; XU Yu-Hong*,1; CAO A-Min*,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2181-2186
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1761 )|Supporting Info
PDF [553KB] ( 691 )
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Equilibrium Dissociation Conditions for Gas Hydrate in Porous Media Using Two Models
    LI Xiao-Sen*; ZHANG Yu; CHEN Zhao-Yang; LI Gang; TANG Liang-Guang; YAN Ke-Feng
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2187-2196
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1579 )|Supporting Info
PDF [455KB] ( 546 )
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Effect of Fe and Mn on the Conformation Transition of Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin
    ZHOU Wen; HUANG Yu-Fang2; SHAO Zheng-Zhong; CHEN Xin*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (19), pp 2197-2201
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 2966 )|Supporting Info
PDF [317KB] ( 644 )
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