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2007, 65(17)
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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy and Theoretical Studies on the Electrochemical Transformation Processes of 4-Aminothiophenol on Au Electrode
    SUN Ru; LI Shu-Jin; YAO Jian-Lin; GU Ren-Ao*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1741-1745
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1741 )|Supporting Info
PDF [303KB] ( 758 )
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MD Simulation Study on the Mechanical Properties of HMX Crystals and HMX/F2311 PBXs
    XIAO Ji-Jun*,1; HUANG Hui2; LI Jin-Shan2; ZHANG Hang; ZHU Wei; XIAO He-Ming*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1746-1750
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1803 )|Supporting Info
PDF [700KB] ( 518 )
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Density Functional Theory Study on the Structures of Na-Alanine Dipeptide Ion-complexes
    QIAO Long-Guang; FAN Jian-Fen*; YANG Chun-Hong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1751-1756
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1515 )|Supporting Info
PDF [844KB] ( 608 )
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The Role of Oxygen Species on the Surface of Copper in Methanol Steam Reforming
    WU Gui-Sheng; WANG Yu-Hong; MAO Dong-Sen; LU Guan-Zhong*,1; CAO Yong2; FAN Kang-Nian2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1757-1761
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1667 )|Supporting Info
PDF [319KB] ( 617 )
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Theoretical Study on the Potential Energy Surface of the CS+NO Reaction
    BAI Hong-Tao*,1; SUN Cheng-Yuan; ZHANG Jun; SUN Fu-Xiang; XI Hai-Shan; HUANG Xu-Ri2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1762-1766
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1544 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1200KB] ( 540 )
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Effect of Intermolecular Interaction on Protein Crystal Growth
    DAI Guo-Liang*; PENG Ling; XIE Ying; KANG Qi; HU Wen-Rui
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1767-1772
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1701 )|Supporting Info
PDF [554KB] ( 678 )
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First Principles Study on the Electronic Properties of Rare-Earth Or-thoferrites with a Perovskite-Type Structure
    XING Bo-Lei; WU Ling1,2; QIN Gai-Ping; LI Yi1,2; ZHANG Yong-Fan*,1,2; LI Jun-Qian1,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1773-1778
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1756 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1564KB] ( 672 )
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Studies on the Host-Gust Interaction between Quaternary Ammo-nium Salt of N,N'-Bis(ferrocenylmethylene)diaminobutane and β-Cyclodextrin Modified Poly(acrylamide)
    YAN Jun-Lin; LIU Jing; CHEN Xi; FANG Yu*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1779-1783
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1733 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1022KB] ( 610 )
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Study on Structure and Charge Transport Properties of the Hexahy-droxy-triphenylene
    HU Jing-Dan; LI Quan*; ZHAO Ke-Qing
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1784-1788
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1830 )|Supporting Info
PDF [379KB] ( 559 )
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DFT Study on Nitroaromatics Toxicity to Golden Orfe Fish
    YAN Xiu-Fen; SHU Yuan-Jie2; WANG Lian-Jun; XIAO He-Ming*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1789-1796
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1804 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1486KB] ( 555 )
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DFT Study on the Structural Parameters and Thermodynamic Prop-erties of Polychlorinated Diphenyl Ethers
    ZENG Xiao-Lan1,2; LIU Hong-Xia; LIU Hong-Yan*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1797-1806
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1868 )|Supporting Info
PDF [316KB] ( 598 )
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Investigation on CO2 Corrosion Behaviors of N80 Tubing Steel Under Stress Conditions
    LI Dang-Guo*,1,2; FENG Yao-Rong2; BAI Zhen-Quan2; ZHENG Mao-Sheng
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1807-1813
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1559 )|Supporting Info
PDF [4168KB] ( 531 )
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Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon and Its Application in Aqueous Macromolecular Adsorption
    YUAN Xun; LIU Yu-Ying; ZHUO Shu-Ping*,1; XING Wei*,1; SUN Yun-Quan; DAI Xiao-Dong2; LIU Xin-Mei2; YAN Zi-Feng2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1814-1820
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1768 )|Supporting Info
PDF [377KB] ( 800 )
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Rheological Properties of an Anionic Wormlike Micelle of Sodium Oleate Induced by Sodium Carbonate
    CAO Quan; YU Li; SUN Li-Xin; ZHENG Li-Qiang*; LI Gan-Zuo
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1821-1825
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1599 )|Supporting Info
PDF [338KB] ( 641 )
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Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Characterization of a Polyoxometa-late Containing a Novel 1D Polycation Chain: [{M(2,2'-bipy)}5O14]4- [2,2'-H2bipy]2(As2W18O62
    WANG Jing-Ping; WANG Wei; LIU Ying-Hong; NIU Jing-Yang*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1826-1830
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1638 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1308KB] ( 526 )
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Study on the Size Effects of Cun (n≤20) Clusters with Combined Density Functional and Genetic Algorithm Methods
    WANG Shun; LIU Zhi-Pan; LU Jing; FAN Kang-Nian*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1831-1835
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1599 )|Supporting Info
PDF [1031KB] ( 660 )
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Study of Geometric Structure and Stability of (GaP)n and (GaP)n (n=10~16) Clusters
    GUO Cai-Hong; JIA Jian-Feng; WU Hai-Shun*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1836-1840
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1498 )|Supporting Info
PDF [781KB] ( 510 )
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Effect of Polyoxometalates Content on Structure and Photochromism of Inorganic-Polymer Composite Films
    AI Li-Mei1,2; CHEN Jie; LI Yong-Xian; FENG Wei*,1; LIU Yan; XIONG De-Qi
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1841-1844
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1367 )|Supporting Info
PDF [717KB] ( 489 )
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Synthesis and Antioxidant Activities of Two New Water Soluble Isoflavone Derivatives
    YAN Xi*; LI Yu-Mei; YU Jing; DING Wan-Jian
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1845-1850
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1571 )|Supporting Info
PDF [391KB] ( 566 )
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Morphology Exchange and Optical Properties of Monodispersed ZnS Nanospheres and Nanoshuttles
    CHENG Li-Ya1,2; CHEN Yun; WU Qing-Sheng*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1851-1854
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1622 )|Supporting Info
PDF [473KB] ( 573 )
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Preparation of Glycoluril and Perhydroxycucurbit[6]uril GC Stationary Phase and Comparative Studies on Their Separation Performances
    LI Lai-Sheng*; WANG Shang-Wen; LIU Chao; XU Li-Li
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1855-1862
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1674 )|Supporting Info
PDF [617KB] ( 701 )
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Study on a Low-cost and Fast Fabrication Method of Glass Microflu-idic Chips
    CHEN Qiang1,2; LI Gang1,2; PAN Ai-Ping3; JIN Qing-Hui; ZHAO Jian-Long*,1; CHENG Jian-Gong; XU Yuan-Sen
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1863-1868
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1675 )|Supporting Info
PDF [607KB] ( 1011 )
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Synthesis of Two Monocyclic Organic Peroxides
    ZHANG Qi; LIU He-Hua; WU Yi-Kang*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1869-1874
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1477 )|Supporting Info
PDF [369KB] ( 569 )
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Synthesis, Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Fluorine- containing Aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazole
    ZHU Wan-Qiang*; TANG Guo-Feng; GOU Hua
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1875-1880
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1680 )|Supporting Info
PDF [332KB] ( 530 )
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Molecular Docking Study of Pharmacophoric Conformation of Neonicotinoids
    WANG Zhen-Xing; LI Yan-Ni; SUN Yan-Hua2; QIAO Jian-Jun*,1
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1881-1886
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1708 )|Supporting Info
PDF [946KB] ( 625 )
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Investigation on the Interaction of Vincristine with Human Serum Al-bumin
    CHEN Ke-Hai1,2; ZHENG Xue-Fang*,1; GUO Ming2; CAO Hong-Yu; TANG Qian; YANG Yan-Jie
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1887-1891
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1918 )|Supporting Info
PDF [498KB] ( 875 )
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Study on Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of N,N'-Bis- (5,5-dimethyl-2-phospha-2-thio-1,3-dioxan-2-yl) ethylene diamine
    REN Yuan-Lin*; CHENG Bo-Wen; ZHANG Jin-Shu
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1892-1896
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1559 )|Supporting Info
PDF [295KB] ( 535 )
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Thermal Decomposition Study of Methyl Arylmethylidenehydra-zinedithiocarboxylate
    CHEN Ling-Zhen; BIAN Gao-Feng; JIANG Ke-Zhi; WU Ji-Rong; LAI Guo-Qiao*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1897-1901
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1566 )|Supporting Info
PDF [342KB] ( 454 )
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Investigation on Proton Conductivity Behavior of Sulfuric Acid Crosslinked Chitosan Membrane
    CUI Zheng; XIANG Yan*; ZHANG Tao*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1902-1906
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1847 )|Supporting Info
PDF [324KB] ( 601 )
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Adsorption Mechanism of Phenol onto Macroporous Crosslinked Poly(p-vinylbenzylphenylether) Resin
    HUANG Jian-Han*,1; XU Man-Cai2; HUANG Ke-Long; LIU Su-Qin; LUO Qiong
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1907-1910
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1647 )|Supporting Info
PDF [307KB] ( 622 )
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Behavior of Manganese Dioxide/Exfoliated Graphite Composite as Materials for Electrochemical Capacitor in Different Electrolytes
    WAN Chuan-Yun*,1; AZUMI Kazuhisa2; KONNO Hide-taka2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1911-1916
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1711 )|Supporting Info
PDF [337KB] ( 542 )
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Study on Nano TiO2 Grafted with Polystyrene and Its Resistance to UV Aging
    XU Li-Xin; Li Wei-Li; Yang Mu-Jie*
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1917-1921
     Publication Date(Web): (Original Articles)
Abstract ( 1652 )|Supporting Info
PDF [986KB] ( 660 )
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Migration of a Rare Earth Element Cerium(III) in Horseradish
    GUO Xiao-Shan1,2; ZHOU Qing3; ZHU Xu-Dong4; LU Tian-Hong2,5; HUANG Xiao-Hua*,1,2
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1922-1924
     Publication Date(Web): (Reports)
Abstract ( 1530 )|Supporting Info
PDF [934KB] ( 731 )
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Study on Synthesis of 2-Amino-2'-hydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl by Two-phase Oxidative Coupling with a Cyclic Solid Oxidant
    JIANG Yi*,1,2,3; WANG Juan-Yun; CHEN Jun-He; WANG Wei-Jun; YAN Han; ZHANG Xiao-Xia; WANG Chao1,3; ZHANG Guo-Lin2; LI Bo-Gang
     Acta Chim. Sinica,      2007, 65 (17), pp 1925-1928
     Publication Date(Web): (Reports)
Abstract ( 1452 )|Supporting Info
PDF [261KB] ( 500 )
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