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3-Pyrrolyl BODIPY的绿色生物合成、光物理性质及应用研究

马翠云a, 罗海澜a,*(), 张福华a, 郭丹a, 陈树兴b, 王飞a,*()   

  1. a 漯河医学高等专科学校 河南省营养与健康工程研究中心 河南漯河 462002
    b 中原食品实验室 河南漯河 462333
  • 收稿日期:2023-04-20 修回日期:2023-07-11 发布日期:2023-09-15
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    2020年中央引导地方科技发展专项; 河南省科技攻关(232102310335); 漯河医学高等专科学校科技(2015-S-LMC013); 漯河医学高等专科学校科技(2020-LYZKYZD007); 漯河医学高等专科学校科技(2021LYZKJXM017); 漯河医学高等专科学校科技(2022KJZD11); 漯河医学高等专科学校科技(2019-LYZTD003)

Green Biosynthesis, Photophysical Properties and Application of 3-Pyrrolyl BODIPY

Cuiyun Maa, Hailan Luoa(), Fuhua Zhanga, Dan Guoa, Shuxing Chenb, Fei Wanga()   

  1. a Henan Engineering Research Center of Nutrition & Health, Luohe Medical College, Luohe, Henan 462002
    b Food Laboratory of Zhongyuan, Luohe, Henan 462333
  • Received:2023-04-20 Revised:2023-07-11 Published:2023-09-15
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    The authors contributed equally to this work.
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    2020 Central Government and Guiding Local Science and Technology Development, the Science; Technology Project of Henan Province(232102310335); Project of Luohe Medical College(2015-S-LMC013); Project of Luohe Medical College(2020-LYZKYZD007); Project of Luohe Medical College(2021LYZKJXM017); Project of Luohe Medical College(2022KJZD11); Project of Luohe Medical College(2019-LYZTD003)

The green synthesis and application of fluorescent dyes 3-pyrrolyl BODIPYs (dipyrromethene boron difluorides) are important issues worthy of further research. Up till now, toxic pyrrole organic compounds cannot be avoided as substrates in all synthetic methods. In this study, the target compound was synthesized by using prodigiosin—the secondary metabolites of Serratia marcescens y2, a natural pigment of microbial origin. A new 3-pyrrolyl BODIPY was synthesized from the natural pyrrole dimethyl subunit structure of prodigiosin. After the experiment of photophysical properties showed that it has the performance of fluorescence imaging, SW480 cells was used for fluorescent staining test. The fluorescence imaging results of Confocal laser microscopy indicated 3-pyrrolyl BODIPY can fluoresce in the three channels. The Z-stack results revealed that the cell penetration of 3-pyrrolyl BODIPY could reach 226 μm in blue and red channels. The results of SW480 live cyto- toxicity test also illustrated that 3-pyrrolyl BODIPY has good biocompatibility and is worth developing as a fluorescent dye.

Key words: Serratia Marcescens y2, prodigiosin, green biosynthesis, 3-pyrrolyl BODIPY, fluorescence imaging