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杨雅馨,a, 陈琳,c, 胡晓玲a, 钟克利a,*(), 李世迪d, 燕小梅d, 张璟琳b,*(), 汤立军a   

  1. a 渤海大学化学与材料工程学院 辽宁锦州 121013
    b 北京工商大学 中国轻工业酿酒分子工程重点实验室 北京 100048
    c 辽宁省检验检测认证中心 沈阳 110000
    d 大连医科大学检验医学院 辽宁大连 116044
  • 收稿日期:2022-07-05 修回日期:2022-08-07 发布日期:2022-09-08
  • 通讯作者: 钟克利, 张璟琳
  • 作者简介:
  • 基金资助:
    北京工商大学中国轻工业酿酒分子工程重点实验室开放课题(BME-202202); 国家自然科学基金(22278038); 辽宁省自然科学基金指导计划(2020-MS-289); 辽宁省自然科学基金指导计划(20180551195)

Synthesis of a Turn-On Fluorescent Probe for Hydrogen Sulfide and Its Application in Red Wine and Living Cells

Yaxin Yang,a, Lin Chen,c, Xiaoling Hua, Keli Zhonga(), Shidi Lid, Xiaomei Yand, Jinglin Zhangb(), Lijun Tanga   

  1. a College of Chemistry and Material Engineering, Bohai University, Jinzhou, Liaoning 121013
    b Key Laboratory of Brewing Molecular Engineering, China Light Industry, Beijing 100048
    c Liaoning Inspection, Examination & Certification Centre, Shenyang 121013
    d College of Laboratory Medicine, Dalian Medical University, Dalian, Liaoning 116044
  • Received:2022-07-05 Revised:2022-08-07 Published:2022-09-08
  • Contact: Keli Zhong, Jinglin Zhang
  • About author:
    These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Supported by:
    Open Project Program of the Key Laboratory of Brewing Molecular Engineering of China Light Industry(BME-202202); National Natural Science Foundation of China(22278038); Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province(2020-MS-289); Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province(20180551195)

In this paper, a novel triphenylamine derivative (Tdip) was synthesized. Tdip can recognize hydrogen sulfide (H2S) with turn-on fluorescence response through tandem reaction triggered by HS to release precursor compound, which produces a strong fluorescent signal. Tdip displayed good selectivity and anti-interference ability toward H2S, a large Stokes shift (146 nm), a pH range of 8~13, and a low detection limit (2.24 μmol/L). In addition, Tdip can detect H2S in actual red wine samples and image H2S in living cells.

Key words: hydrogen sulfide, turn-on, fluorescent probe, food sample, fluorescence imaging