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三维H+H~2(v, j)→H~2(v', j')+H反应中复合态生成及产物转动 态分布的量子 散射理论研究


  1. 山东大学理论化学研究室.济南(250100)
  • 发布日期:1999-06-15

A quantum scattering theoretical study on the compound-state formation and the rotational-state distribution of the product for the three-dimensional state-to-state H+H~2(v, j)→H~2(v', j')+H reaction

Lu Wencai;Cai Zhengting;Deng Conghao   

  1. Shandong Univ, Theoret Chem Lab.Jinan(250100)
  • Published:1999-06-15

This paper reports the three-dimensional state-to-state reaction probabilities for the H+H~2(v, j)→H~2(v', j')+H system calculated by LCAC-SW (linear combination of arrangement channels-scattering wavefunction) approach. The compound-state formation (or energy resonance structure) of this system is analyzed. The results of the rotational-state distribution for the product of this reaction show that the energy resonance is due to the interference effect between the translational motion of the system and the internal state of the reactant.


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