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孟 华a ; 解正峰*,a ; 胡 君a ; 刘方明*,b   

  1. (a新疆大学石油天然气精细化工教育部重点实验室 乌鲁木齐 830046)
    (b杭州师范大学材料与化学化工学院 杭州 310012)
  • 收稿日期:2008-01-10 修回日期:2008-03-24 发布日期:2008-08-18
  • 通讯作者: 解正峰

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of the Novel Dis-Schiff Base Compounds

MENG, Hua a; XIE, Zheng-Feng*,a; HU, Juna; LIU, Fang-Ming*,b   

  1. (a Key Laboratory of Oil & Gas Fine Chemicals of Ministry of Education, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830046 )
    (b College of Material Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou 310012)
  • Received:2008-01-10 Revised:2008-03-24 Published:2008-08-18
  • Contact: XIE, Zheng-Feng

Condensation of diamines with 2-phenyl-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxaldehyde, quinoxaline-2-car- boxaldehyde or 2-(4-bromophenyl)-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxaldehyde in the presence of glacial acetic acid gave a series of new bis-Schiff bases 5a~5d, 6a~6d and 7a~7d. The structures of new compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis, IR, 1H NMR, mass spectra and X-ary diffraction methods. The crystal of the compound 6c belongs to monoclinic, space group C2/c with cell parameters a=1.7670(4) nm, b=0.48001(10) nm, c=1.1751(2) nm, α=90.00°, β=94.42(3)°, γ=90.00°, V=0.9937(4) nm3, Dc=1.399 g/cm3, Z=2, F(000)=436, μ=0.089 mm-1, R=0.0413, wR=0.1067. The preliminary biological activity tests show that the compound 6b has antiherpes virus type I activity toward Vero cells.

Key words: 2-phenyl-1,2,3-triazole-4-carboxaldehyde, bis-Schiff base, crystal structure, biological activity, quinoxaline-2-carboxaldehyde