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封智超a, 毛国梁a, 吴韦a, 罗明检a, 刘扬b   

  1. a 东北石油大学化学化工学院 石油与天然气化工省重点实验室 大庆 163318;
    b 东北石油大学石油工程学院 大庆 163318
  • 收稿日期:2017-06-09 修回日期:2017-07-28 发布日期:2017-11-28
  • 通讯作者: 毛国梁,
  • 基金资助:


Synthesis of Phosphine Ligands Based on 5-Amino-o-cresol and Its Application in Ethylene Oligomerization

Feng Zhichaoa, Mao Guolianga, Wu Weia, Luo Mingjiana, Liu Yangb   

  1. a Provincial Key Laboratory of Oil & Gas Chemical Technology, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing 163318;
    b School of Petroleum Engineering, NortheastPetroleum University, Daqing 163318
  • Received:2017-06-09 Revised:2017-07-28 Published:2017-11-28
  • Contact: 10.6023/cjoc201706010
  • Supported by:

    Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 51534004, U1362110), and the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (No. NCET-07-0142).

A phosphorus ligand containing PNP and P-O structure was synthesized by substitution reaction of 5-amino-o-cresol with chlorodiphenylphosphine and its structure was conformed. Its in situ prepared complex with Cr(acac)3 and preformed complex with CrCl3(THF)3 were used as main catalysts in catalyzing ethylene oligomerization, accompanied with methylaluminoxane (MAO) as cocatalyst. The effects of solvent, temperature, pressure and Al/Cr molar ratio on the activity and selectivity of the catalyst were investigated and compared with the in situ formation of 2-aminophenol and 4-aminophenol phosphine ligands catalytic system of catalyzing ethylene oligomerization effect. The experimental results showed that the activity reached 5.91×106 g/(mol·Cr·h), when the reaction was carried at 50℃ with reaction pressure of 2.5 MPa and the Al/Cr molar ratio of 700. The selectivity of 1-octene was 72.94% and the total selectivity of 1-hexene and 1-octene was 82.11%.

Key words: 5-amino-o-cresol, phosphorus ligand, chromium catalyst, ethylene oligomerization, activity, selectivity