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侯淑华, 曲忠国, 汤立军   

  1. 渤海大学化学化工学院 辽宁省功能化合物的合成与应用重点实验室 锦州 121013
  • 收稿日期:2013-07-03 修回日期:2013-08-11 发布日期:2013-09-25
  • 通讯作者: 侯淑华

Advances in the Synthesis of Organic Pyrophosphate

Hou Shuhua, Qu Zhongguo, Tang Lijun   

  1. Department of Chemistry, Liaoning Key Laboratory for the Synthesis and Application of Functional Compounds, Bohai University, Jinzhou 121013
  • Received:2013-07-03 Revised:2013-08-11 Published:2013-09-25

The recent advances in the synthesis of organic pyrophosphate are reviewed, based on the coupling methods including dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC), N,N'-carbonyldiimidazole (CDI), DCC/morpholine/MnCl2/MgSO4, DCC/ morpholine/1H-tetrazole, PPh3/(PyS)2/N-methylimidazole, diphenyl phosphorochloridate (DPCP), trifluoroacetic anhydride/N-methylimidazole. Mechanism of some reactions is also discussed.

Key words: organic pyrophosphate, synthesis, advances