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程诗砚a, 欧楚鸿a, 林洪敏a, 贾均松a, 唐海涛a, 潘英明a,c, 黄国保b,*(), 蒙秀金a,*()   

  1. a 广西师范大学化学与药学学院 省部共建药用资源化学与药物分子工程国家重点实验室 广西桂林 541004
    b 玉林师范学院化学与食品科学学院 广西农产资源化学与生物技术重点实验室 广西玉林 537000
    c 吉首大学化学与化工学院 湖南吉首 416000
  • 收稿日期:2021-10-14 修回日期:2021-12-08 发布日期:2021-12-15
  • 通讯作者: 黄国保, 蒙秀金
  • 基金资助:
    广西自然科学基金(2021GXNSFBA196041); 广西农产资源化学与生物技术重点实验室开放课题基金(2020KF04); 武陵山地区民族药解析与创制湖南省工程实验室开放课题(hgxy2101)

Electrochemically Mediated Esterification of Aromatic Aldehydes with Aliphatic Alcohols via Anodic Oxidation

Shiyan Chenga, Chuhong Oua, Hongmin Lina, Junsong Jiaa, Haitao Tanga, Yingming Pana,c, Guobao Huangb(), Xiujin Menga()   

  1. a State Key Laboratory for Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Medicinal Resources, School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, Guangxi 541004
    b Key Laboratory of Agricultural Resources Chemistry and Biotechnology, College of Chemistry and Food Science, Yulin Normal University, Yulin, Guangxi 537000
    c College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jishou University, Jishou, Hunan 416000
  • Received:2021-10-14 Revised:2021-12-08 Published:2021-12-15
  • Contact: Guobao Huang, Xiujin Meng
  • Supported by:
    Guangxi Natural Science Foundation(2021GXNSFBA196041); Guangxi Key Laboratory of Agricultural Resources Chemistry and Biotechnology(2020KF04); Opening Project of Hunan Engineering Laboratory for Analysis and Drugs Development of Ethnomedicine in Wuling Mountains(hgxy2101)

A series of ester compounds were synthesized by direct oxidative coupling of aldehydes with alcohols. The electrosynthesis reaction can be carried out at room temperature without inert gas protection, external oxidants, N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) catalyst and alkali (such as DBU (1,5-dizzabicyclo[5.4.0]undecen-5-ene)), etc. The oxidative esterification reaction processes in a simple and easily available undivided electrochemical cell and constant current mode. This protocol features mild reaction conditions, broad substrate scope, cheap and easily available starting materials, and simple operation, providing a new strategy for the green synthesis of ester compounds.

Key words: organic electrosynthesis, dehydrogenative coupling, esterification