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肖立伟, 刘光仙, 李政, 任萍, 任丽磊, 孔洁   

  1. 廊坊师范学院化学与材料科学学院 河北廊坊 065000
  • 收稿日期:2020-03-16 修回日期:2020-05-22 发布日期:2020-06-20
  • 通讯作者: 肖立伟
  • 基金资助:

Synthesis of N-Substituted Decahydroacridine-1,8-diones Promoted by Deep Eutectic Solvents

Xiao Liwei, Liu Guangxian, Li Zheng, Ren Ping, Ren Lilei, Kong Jie   

  1. College of Chemistry and Material Science, Langfang Normal University, Langfang, Hebei 065000
  • Received:2020-03-16 Revised:2020-05-22 Published:2020-06-20
  • Supported by:
    Project supported by the Educational Commission of Hebei Province (Nos. ZD2020153, ZD2019036) and the Science and Technology Bureau of Langfang City (No. 2019011018).

In the deep eutectic solvents (DES) consisted of choline chloride/zinc chloride(ChCl/ZnCl2), a series of N-substi-tuted decahydroacridine-1,8-diones and decahydroacridine-1,8-diones were synthesized from diketones, aromatic aldehydes, ammonium acetates or aromatic amines with 75%~92% yields at 80~90 ℃ in 1~2 h. The advantages of the method are wild reaction condition, simple operation, short reaction time, high yield and friendly to environment.

Key words: deep eutectic solvent, decahydroacridine-1,8-diones, multicomponent reaction, green chemistry