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  1. 中山大学化学学院 广州 510006
  • 收稿日期:2023-05-26 修回日期:2023-07-13 发布日期:2023-08-16
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Progress in Synthesis of Axially Chiral Compounds through aza-Vinylidene o-Quinone Methide Intermediates

Quanbin Jiang()   

  1. School of Chemistry, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou 510006
  • Received:2023-05-26 Revised:2023-07-13 Published:2023-08-16
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    National Natural Science Foundation of China(21901261)

Axially chiral compounds are not only important catalysts and ligands in the field of asymmetric synthesis, but also widely exist in many natural products and drugs. Therefore, the development of efficient synthesis of axially chiral compounds has been an important research topic in organic chemistry. Compared with the widely studied vinylidene o-quinone methide (o-VQM) intermediates, the asymmetric catalytic reaction based on the aza-o-VQM intermediates has only attracted people’s attention in recent years, with relatively fewer studies and great potential for development. The progress in the construction of axial chiral compounds through aza-o-VQM intermediates is summarized, and the reaction type, mechanism and synthetic applications are introduced. At last, the prospect of this field is also discussed.

Key words: aza-vinylidene o-quinone methide intermediates, axially chiral compounds, asymmetric catalysis