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聚乙二醇在Triton X-114/正辛烷/正丁醇/水反相微乳液中的增 溶研究


  1. 中国科学院新疆化学研究所.乌鲁木齐(830011);中国科学院兰州化学物理研究 所.兰州(730000)
  • 发布日期:2000-03-15

The study on the solubilization of poly ethylene oxide in Triton X- 114/n-octane/n-butanol/water system

Hou Zhenshan;Li Zhiping;Wang Hanqing   

  1. Xinjiang Inst Chem., CAS.Wulumuqi(830011);Lanzhou Inst Chem Phys, CAS.Lanzhou(730000)
  • Published:2000-03-15

The effect of addition of polyethylene oxide (PEO) on the phase behavior of the TX-114/n-octane-n-butanol/water system is reported. It has been found that the addition of PEO results in a decrease in the amount of solubilized water in W/O microemulsion region, and an increase in the amount of solubilized water in lamellar liquid crystalling phase. The W/O microemulsion has been studied by using methylene blue as an absorption probe and 5-doxyl stearic acid (5-DNS) as a spinning probe. The result clearly indicates that there are three types of water present in the polar core: bound water, which interacts directly with ethylene oxide chains of the surfactant; trapped water, which is located between the ethylene oxide groups, with high mobility; bulk-like water, which forms at high water contents. In the presence of PEO, the polymer molecules can replace some bound water or trapped water molecules, which leads to a looser arrangement of ethylene oxide groups of the surfactants at the interface. This structure may induce the formation of higher aggregates.


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